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AeroTransport Data Bank - Index 6 - Aircraft Operators

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Aviation is the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. The word 'aviation' was coined by French writer and former naval officer Gabriel La Landelle in 1873, from the verb 'avier' (synonymous flying), itself derived from the Latin word 'avis' ('bird') and the suffix '-ation'. There are many competing claims for the earliest powered, heavier-than-air flight. The first recorded powered flight was carried out by Clément Ader on October 9, 1890 when he reportedly made the first manned, powered, heavier-than-air flight of a significant distance (50 m (160 ft)) but insignificant altitude from level ground in his bat-winged, fully self-propelled fixed-wing aircraft, the Ader Éole. Seven years later, on 14 October 1897, Ader's Avion III was tested without success in front of two officials from the French War ministry. The report on the trials was not publicized until 1910, as they had been a military secret. In November 1906 Ader claimed to have made a successful flight on 14 October 1897, achieving an 'uninterupted flight' of around 300 metres (985 ft). Although widely believed at the time, these claims were later discredited. However, the most widely accepted date is December 17, 1903 by the Wright brothers. ...

Click on links below for detailed information on selected operators:
Aero California
Aeroflot Cargo
Aerolineas del Llano
Aerovia Boliviana Transandina
Aerovias de Guatemala
Aerovias Latinas Americanas
Aerovis Airlines
Africa West Air
Africa West Cargo
Air Austral
Air Do
Hokkaido International Airlines
Air Europe Express
Air National
Air Oubangui
Air Somalia
Air Transport Leasing
Aircraft & Engine Support
Aircraft & Engine Parts
Airvita Leasing Air Company
Lizingovaya Aviakompania Aervita
Al-Dawood Air
ALAS Nacionales
Agence de Messageries Aériennes du Zaïre
American-International Airways
Apollo Airlines
Apsara International Air
Aero Topografica Lda
Aero Taxis Ecuatorianos SA
Atlant-SV Aircompany
Aviation Overhauls
Bassaka Air
Bassaka Cambodia
Canary Fly
Cargo Three Panama
Panama Cargo Three Panama
Caribbean Winds Airlines
CF Airfreight
Charter Airlines
City Centre Air
Civil Aviation Bureau Flight Inspection
JCAB Flight Inspection
Cochise Airlines
Compagnie Chérifienne du Pont Aérien
Connect Air
Cordova Air Services
Cosmo Airlines
Cumberland Leasing
Dakota Air Parts International
Dalian Airlines
Djibouti Air
Enggang Air Service
A.Fecteau Transport Aérien
Flight Lease
Fly Romania
Galistair Infinite Aviation
General Air Cargo
Haiti Aviation
Hanse Airlines
Happy Hours Air Travel Club
Honduras International
Honeymoon Airways
Hong Kong Airlines
Hong Kong Air
Il-18 Air Cargo
Islamic Republic of Iran Navy
Italian Airways
Itapemirim Carga Aérea
ITA Cargo
JetAlliance East
Jordanian World Airways
JS Air Charter
Karinou Airlines
KMV Mineralnye Vody Airlines
Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody/Kavminvodyavia
Knights Airlines
Kosova Airlines
Kosova Airways
Kyrgyzstan Airlines
Vozdushnye Dorogi Kyrgyzstana/Kyrgyzstan Aba Zholduru
L&S Leasing Company
Laker Airways
Liberia Airways
Lineas Aéreas Andaluzas
Lombard Aviation Capital
Lombard Global Finance
Macedonian Aviation
Malta International Airways
Medway Airline Systems
Mondial Aviation
NEX Time Jet
Northern Air Charter
Open Skies
Paradise Airways
Antigua Paradise Airways/Antigua & Barbuda Airways International
Petroleos Mexicanos
Philippine Airlines
Platinum Air Linhas Aéreas
Powell Air
Province of Alberta
Alberta Government Air Transportation Services
RBS Aviation Capital
Lombard Capital/RBS Asset Finance
Redmond Air
Republic Financial Corporation
Linc Capital
Rey Airlines
Rose Air
Royal New Zealand Air Force
RPL Airports Rijeka
Sahara Airlines
Saint Helena Airways
Saipan Air
Samara Airlines
Aviakompanija Samara
SAX Tanzania
Si Fly
Skylar Airways
Star Alliance
Strathallan Air Services
Sunshine International Airlines
Transportes Aéreos Opita
Tasman Empire Airways Limited
Tehran Air
The Babb Co
THY Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines/Türk Hava Yollari
Trans Arctic Air
Trans Arctic Airlines
Trans Caribbean Airlines
Surinaamse Trans Caribbean Airlines
Trans-Colorado Airlines
Transtravel Airlines
TTA/Trans Travel Airlines
Tsentro KB po sudam na podvodnykh krylyakh im.Alekseyeva ATP
La Baule Aviation
Viaçao Aérea Brasil SA
Vinpearl Air
Wien Air Alaska
Wings of Lebanon
World American Airlift
Yes Air Airlines
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