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AeroTransport Data Bank - Index 61 - Aircraft Operators

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Aviation is the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. The word 'aviation' was coined by French writer and former naval officer Gabriel La Landelle in 1873, from the verb 'avier' (synonymous flying), itself derived from the Latin word 'avis' ('bird') and the suffix '-ation'. There are many competing claims for the earliest powered, heavier-than-air flight. The first recorded powered flight was carried out by Clément Ader on October 9, 1890 when he reportedly made the first manned, powered, heavier-than-air flight of a significant distance (50 m (160 ft)) but insignificant altitude from level ground in his bat-winged, fully self-propelled fixed-wing aircraft, the Ader Éole. Seven years later, on 14 October 1897, Ader's Avion III was tested without success in front of two officials from the French War ministry. The report on the trials was not publicized until 1910, as they had been a military secret. In November 1906 Ader claimed to have made a successful flight on 14 October 1897, achieving an 'uninterupted flight' of around 300 metres (985 ft). Although widely believed at the time, these claims were later discredited. However, the most widely accepted date is December 17, 1903 by the Wright brothers. ...

Click on links below for detailed information on selected operators:
Aerial Survey
Aéro Bénin
Aeromar International Airlines
Lineas Aéreas Dominicanas
Air Boyoma
Air Bridge Group
Air Cargo Egypt
Air Caribbean
Air Georgia
Air Guadeloupe
La Caribéenne des Transports Aériens
Air Guinée Express
Air Korea
Seoul Air International
Air Liban
Air Midwest Skyways
Air Nevada
Air South
Airfast Services Indonesia
Airlink Airline
Al-Naser Airlines
Al Naser Airlines
Ali Adria
All Seasons International Travel Club
Allegiance Airways Gabon
American Express Bank
American Express Leasing
American Trans Air
Ansett Airlines of New South Wales
Antalya Airways
Antinea Airlines
Aerolineas Peruanas
Arab Republic of Egypt Air Force
Al Quwwat Al Jawwiya Il Misriya
Arcus Air Group
ARP 410 Airlines
Aviakompania Duncan
Avro Express
Bahrain Royal Flight
Bako Air
Batik Air Malaysia
Malindo Airways
Bengal Air Services
Air Bengal
Big Horn Airways
Bighorn Airways
BKS Air Transport
Bryan Aviation
Budapest Aircraft Service
Caledonian Airlines
Calibre Airways
Comercialisadora Aérea Mixta Boliviana
CASL General Aviation
Central Intelligence Agency
Comando Aviación Ejército Argentina
Comercial de Aviación
Contact Airways
Cygnus Air
Cypress Airlines
Departementul Aviatei Civile
Registrul Aerian Roman
Donaldson International Airways
Donaldson Line Air Services
Empire Aviation Group
Escadrille Tchadienne
Export Air Cargo
Export Air del Peru
Fastjet Mozambique
Flying Tiger Line
Solitaire Air
Força Aérea Portuguesa
Force Aérienne du Burundi
Burundi Army Aviation
Freedom Airways
Rainbow Airways
GB Airways
Go One Airways
Hamilton Aerospace Technologies
Heartland Airlines
Hungarian Ukrainian Heavy Lift
Idaho Pacific Airlines
Intrepid Aviation Partners
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy
Islamic Republic of Iran Revolutionary Guards Navy/IRGCN
Island Air Transfer
Japan Air System
JAS/Nihon Airlines System Company
Japan Investment Adviser
Jet Service Poland
Jetstream International Airlines
JP Morgan Trust Company
Kallat Elsaker Air
Knights Airlines
Kunming Airlines
Ladeco Chilean Airlines
Linea Aérea del Cobre
Legion Express
Libyan Wings
Ligne Aérienne Seychelles
Lineas Aéreas Coruñea
Lineas Aéreas Trans Costa Rica
Icelandic Airlines
LOT Polish Airlines
Polskie Linie Lotnicze
Lucky Air
Yunnan Lucky Air
Magnetar Capital
Majestic Airlines
Matane Air Services
McClain Airlines
Merlot International Aviation
MIAT Mongolian Airlines
Mongolyn Irgeniy Agaaryn Teever
Mideastern Airways
Midroc Aviation
Air Midroc
MMM Aero Services
Mongolian Transport Company
National Nuclear Security Administration
New England Air Express
New West Airlines
OLT Express
One Caribbean
Palestinian Airlines
Palestine Airlines
Pan Asia Air Cargo
Perfect Tours
Perfect Air Tours
Polar Airlines
Polyarnya avialinii
Pomair Ostend
Rostock Airways
Ryukyu Air Commuter
Saskatchewan Government Airways
Security Pacific Equipment Leasing
Security Pacific Lease Finance
Sky One Express Airlines
Sky Team
ECCS Air Cargo Service
Skyservice Business Aviation
SNAS Worldwide Express
South East Air
Southern Cross Airways
Sovereign Air Services
Spartan Air Services
Special Cargo Airlines
Spetsialnye gruzovie avialinii
Star Flyer
Sun Air Charter
Sun-Air of Scandinavia
Sunclass Airlines
Sunday Airlines
TAA Airlines of New Guinea
TAM México
Transportacion Aérea Mexicana
TAT European Airlines
Transport Aérien Transrégional
TbilAviaMsheni Airlines
TAM Aria
Turks & Caicos National Airline
Thomson Airways
Trans Carib Air
Trans Gulf Air Cargo
Trans India Aviation
Trans Meridian Air Cargo
Trans-Asiatic Airlines (Siam)
Transamazonica Colombia
Transporte Aéreo de la Amazonia
Transjet Airways
Transwede Airways
United States Leasing Corporation
Viva Air
Vuelos Internacionales de Vacaciones
Volar Airlines
LTE International Airways
World Wide Aviation
Xian Aircraft Manufacture Company
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