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AeroTransport Data Bank - Index 64 - Aircraft Operators

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Aviation is the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. The word 'aviation' was coined by French writer and former naval officer Gabriel La Landelle in 1873, from the verb 'avier' (synonymous flying), itself derived from the Latin word 'avis' ('bird') and the suffix '-ation'. There are many competing claims for the earliest powered, heavier-than-air flight. The first recorded powered flight was carried out by Clément Ader on October 9, 1890 when he reportedly made the first manned, powered, heavier-than-air flight of a significant distance (50 m (160 ft)) but insignificant altitude from level ground in his bat-winged, fully self-propelled fixed-wing aircraft, the Ader Éole. Seven years later, on 14 October 1897, Ader's Avion III was tested without success in front of two officials from the French War ministry. The report on the trials was not publicized until 1910, as they had been a military secret. In November 1906 Ader claimed to have made a successful flight on 14 October 1897, achieving an 'uninterupted flight' of around 300 metres (985 ft). Although widely believed at the time, these claims were later discredited. However, the most widely accepted date is December 17, 1903 by the Wright brothers. ...

Click on links below for detailed information on selected operators:
Aero Air Charter
Aero K Airlines
Aerospace One
Aerotim Cargo
Aerway Leasing
Air Antilles
Air Marianas
Air Nacoia Exploraçao de Aeronaves
Air Transport Group
Air West Airlines
Air Zimbabwe Rhodesia
Air Umbria
Al Naser Wings
Aleksandra Avia
Alfa Air
Alhodhod Airline
Allegheny Airlines
TUI Airlines Nederland
Atlanta Airways
Atlantic Star Airlines
Atlas Aircraft Corporation
Aviación Naval Paraguaya
Avianca Brasil
Baltic Airlines UK
Bel-Air Belarussian Airlines
Bellview Airlines
Bloodstock Air Services
BRA Transportes Aéreos
Brasil Rodo Aéreo
BVI Airways
California Air Freight
Cambodia Angkor Air
Angkor Air
Canadian Pacific Air Lines/Canadien Pacifique
Cargaard Aviation
CDI Cargo Airlines
Changlong International Cargo Airlines/Zhejiang Changlong Airlines
Central Cargo
Chamonix Aircraft Leasing
Champion Air
Congo Airways
CSIRO Research Aircraft Facility
Commonwealth Scientific and Industry Research Organisation
Directorate of Civil Aviation
Domodedovo Airlines
Domodevo Civil Aviation Production Association/Domodevoskie avialinii
DP Aircraft
Elan Express
Elveden Investment
Energia Creadora
Enkor Avialinii
Equaflight Service
Flota Aérea Mercante Argentina
Focus Aviation
Gander Aviation
Genex Airlines
Ginny Aviation
Golden Eagle Cargo
Hamsal Air
Hawk Air
Hawkair Aviation Services
Hudson Bay Air Transport
ICBC Financial Leasing
Irbis Air Company
Jakadara Indonesia
Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane Transport Co
Jet Options
LAOS Colombia
Lineas Aéreas Orientales
Leading Edge Aviation
Lloyd Aéreo Colombiano
Longhao Airlines
Guangdong Longhao Airlines
Deutsche Lufthansa
Maine Coast Airways
Mango Airlines
Mango Mat Aviation
Manufacturers Hanover Leasing
Ministry of Transport
Mitsui & Company
Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Corp
Modern Air Transport
Moldovan Air Force
Murmansk Airlines
Murmanskie avialinii
Nittler Air Transport International
Omni Air Transport
Pacific East Air
Panarctic Oil
Pena Transportes Aéreos
Planet Airways
Platinum Airlines
Royal Spain Andalucia Airlines
Saint Louis Aviation
Samoa Airlines
San Juan International Airways
Société Américaine de Transport Aérien - Alpes de Provence
Servicios Aéreos Virgen de Copacabana
Scorpion Air
Skorpion Air
Sierra West Airlines
Silverback Cargo Freighters
SITRA Cargo System
Sud Airlines
Swissair Asia
Syrian Wings Airlines
Timbis Air Services
Tobago Express
Tradewinds Air Cargo
Trade Winds
Trans New England
U.S. Department of Transportation
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
UAS Cargo
United Air Services
Ukraina Aviapredpriatie
Ukraine Air Enterprise
Uzbekistan Cargo Service
VIASA Venezuelan International Airways
Venezolana Internacional de Aviación SA
Volga-Dnepr Airlines
Russian International Cargo Airlines
West Link Airlines
Yemen Airlines
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